The idea behind Tracemyfile is simple...

Your content - You own it


Tracemyfile is an innovative image-tracing platform, designed and developed in Sweden.


Think image search engines - but then add a fun, user-friendly and reliable service to find and identify manipulated images that have been derived from their originals – this means that neither cropping nor colour adjustment will allow anyone to steal or misuse your intellectual property.


Tracemyfile’s tracing is also strongly focused on image location and similarity.


Tracemyfile is based on state of the art image-searching and recognition systems which are thoughtfully and passionately built by experts in manipulated images, neural networks, and machine learning.


Tracemyfile is designed for you – whether you’re private online user, a creative, a small business or a large corporation. Want to know who is using your image online?

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Our mission

In Tracemyfile we believe that every file you create and every bit of information about you online is your valuable digital asset. It is up to you to decide how and where it is shared, but the online world today is an anarchy where users’ data is stolen and misused – either by other users or by media corporations.

Our mission is to return online user’s control over what is theirs – their basic ownership rights.

We strive to allow every content owner in the world – private users and large corporations alike - to be able to trace and manage their digital assets and share them without fear.

We aim to change the game rules and provide users with the search results that are straight forward and fair, portable and not driven by advertising and SEO.

What can I do with Tracemyfile?

  • check_circle Locate web pages that makes use of an image
  • check_circle Receive detailed reports on where images are being used
  • check_circle Ask us to search very specific and precise web sites
  • check_circle Find out where an image came from, or get more information about it
  • check_circle Research or track the appearance of an image online
  • check_circle Find higher resolution versions of an image
  • check_circle Discover modified or edited versions of an image

Tracemyfile and eRight

Tracemyfile is a part of a larger concept called eRight.

eRight is a range of innovative online services that allows users to trace, protect, store and share their files safely and securely. Over the last 3 years, we have been working hard to develop simple and technological tools to allow our users to manage their files securely and are due to roll out our full range of products in Autumn 2018.

Tracemyfile Ltd. is a UK registered company with a global presence. Interested in finding out more? Send your enquiries to