TraceMyFile makes it easy, simple, fun and safe to capture and share your digital experiences


Watermark files Unlimited Web and Mobile

Choose a standard TraceMyFile black or white watermark or upload your own

Watermark type Custom Web and Mobile

Upload any custom watermark or logo to protect your files.

Mobile app Mobile

Suitable for mobile device users.

Sign Mobile

Add your signature digitally to your images and files to visibly show you own them. Set it up in the Profile section and either use your mouse or stylus pen if you have a touchscreen device.

Image Text Mobile

Add text directly on your image through the mobile app

Encrypt Web

Securely encrypt and password protect any file. Remember your password as TraceMyFile does not store any passwords - all your content is totally private to you.

Edit image Web

Flip, rotate or crop your image as you wish. You can also keep your original image.

Trace Web

Trace any image or PDF to track where it's being used on any public website to ensure your image or file is only being used by whom you choose.

Transfer password Web

Password protect your Secure Transfer - Free of charges for all users

Transfer Up to 2GB Web

Transfer all file types securely to a single or multiple recipients and include a personal message. Please note that the limits are for each Transfer

Internal secure transfer Demo Web

Securely Transfer all file types securely through our off the grid transfer service to a single or multiple recipients and include a personal message.

Storage 16GB Web and Mobile

TraceMyFile gives you a massive 16GB storage included in our FREE service

Support Full Web

We offer full support on chat and/or via email - contact us any time.

Join Free

Check upcoming features below

E-Vault Web and Mobile

The E-Vault offers an even higher security with added passwords and encryption. Ideal for wills, property deeds, passport copies or business contracts, salary details, legal issues etc.

Multi-account Web and Mobile

Give family members or colleagues their own account to store their images and files. Choose which areas family members or colleagues should share.

Flexible folders Web and Mobile

A flexible folder system that allows you to have multiple named folders containing multiple files.

Contact grouping Web and Mobile

Group your contacts and keep track of their downloads.

Activity records Web and Mobile

Keep track of your complete image/file history, who has downloaded, when was it watermarked and when did you register ownership.

Ext. watermark Web and Mobile

Shape and size your watermark any way you choose, colours, fonts, text and format.

Folder sharing Web and Mobile

Share a specific folder with family or colleagues.

Ext. Tracing stat Web and Mobile

Refine your trace search by country and see how many users have access to your files and view detailed reports and statistics.

Multi-user Web and Mobile

Share all your images and files with your family or colleagues and/or keep some private. Choose the access to suit your family/business needs.

Price tag Web and Mobile

Sell your images and files through our price tag facility. Price your item and once the buyer makes payment through Paypal's escrow account, release the image(s)/file(s).


Protect and personalise your photos and files by easily watermarking, signing and encrypting them with a password.  Our service is hosted on the Amazon Web Services platform to ensure your content is protected.


Manage all your photos and files in a single secure location, and make them easily accessible from any device.


Securely send your photos and files via email or with a direct link for downloading. Add a password for added security.


Locate your photos and files or verify a product or person.  We check over 14 billion web pages in seconds to see where your photos are being used and ensure you are not a victim of identity theft or fraud.


Our mobile app makes it easy to access, upload, sync, watermark and sign your photos as you take them. You can then release memory on your phone and take more photos. When you share them with friends directly or via social media, they are already customized and protected.